About Us

For additional crime prevention information contact us at info@clydebankcrimeprevention.org.uk

Who we are

Clydebank Crime Prevention Panel (CCPP) was established in 1971. We are a a non-profit organisation with members from all walks of life. This includes:- JP, Community council members, Tenant association’s representatives, housewives, local council member’s (who give up their time and voluntary with the group) and members of the public.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and implement programs that prevent crime in Clydebank by focusing on reducing opportunities for crime. We partner with the local police, community groups, schools, businesses, public housing and other organisations to deliver programs and services. Services include training, secuirty assistance, awareness campaigns and fundraising.

CCPP Objectives include:

  • Support and promote the prevention of crime in Clydebank;
  • To encourage new membership and community participation in the prevention of crime;
  • Provide a platform for the discussion of crime prevention issues;
  • Develop awareness and better understanding of crime and methods available to prevent it.
  • To reach out and educate all age groups of the community on how best to protect themselves
  • To establish a junior section of the panel through secondary schools in the area


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