Bogus Callers

Before letting anyone into your home, follow the Code!

Bogus callers

If in doubt, keep them out!

Bogus callers often prey on elderly or vulnerable people by pretending they work for a water company to con their way into homes.

Genuine officials alwaysf carry photographic identification, some operate a password system if you request it and all officials are  happy to wait outside while you confirm their identity by calling the company, but not by the number on the card.

 If you think someone is not who they say they are then contact the police immediately.

Before letting anyone into your home follow the Code:

  • Look first – through a window or door viewer
  • Only open your door after connecting a chain or limiter
  • Refuse entry if you are not satisfied
  • Switch on outside lights when it is dark
  • Think ‘thief’ – never leave strangers alone in your home
  • Examine identity cards and verify by if necessary
  • Protect yourself – if unsure contact the police or a neighbour