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Driving Serious Crime out of West Dunbartonshire

Strathclyde Police and West Dunbartonshire Council will today (31 October 2012) take a major step forward in driving serious and organised crime out of the region.

Divisional Commander, Barry McEwan and West Dunbartonshire Chief Executive, Joyce White will sign an Information Sharing Protocol as part of a wider Serious and Organised Crime event which will take place in Dumbarton Burgh Hall. The event will bring together interested parties who, by working together, will stop criminals winning lucrative council contracts.

Those attending the event will also to gain an awareness and understanding of this issue through presentations by the Police and partner organisation. These will include everything from Communities, Education, Adult and Child Protection, vulnerable people, Procurement, Licensing, Trading Standards, Environmental Health, Housing and Benefits, Planning and economic development of West Dunbartonshire.

Each year millions of pounds of tax payer’s money is lost to seemingly legitimate companies who tender for council services. The signing of this protocol will allow police to provide the council with information on these criminals and their illegal activities and ensure that no contracts are awarded to anyone who could benefit from serious and organised crime.

This event will allow the participants from West Dunbartonshire Council, West Dunbartonshire’s Community Planning Partnership and representatives from our communities to understand that this blight on our communities effects everyone and all areas of our community.

Speaking ahead of the event, Chief Superintendent Barry McEwan, Divisional Commander said:

“We are absolutely determined to disrupt and dismantle Organised Criminal Gangs. It is unacceptable that the hard working, honest people of West Dunbartonshire pay their taxes, only for some of their money to end up in the pockets of those involved in organised crime.

“Today’s event and the signing of the improved Information Sharing Protocol shows that we ensure that scarce resources are only spent on legitimate companies who deserve to win contracts offered by the Council and other partners within the Community Planning Partnership. The Partnership and other agencies who are here today are all committed to drive Organised Crime out of the local communities and improve the lives of decent people.”

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November 27th, 2012

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